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Sexuality, Sensuousness, and the Enneagram

Sexuality, Sensuousness, and the Enneagram

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By David Daniels, MD and Ron Levine

In this groundbreaking four-part audio series, Narrative Enneagram co-founder David Daniels and well-known sex therapist Ron Levine explore the dimensions of a fulfilling sexual relationship especially as this relates to the Enneagram types.

Part 1 includes background information and introductory material on what makes a satisfying and enriching sexual life, the neurobiology of sexuality, and the role of hormones and positive emotions.

The following three parts work through the nine Enneagram types grouped by centers of intelligence to provide a well-rounded understanding of the concepts as they apply to each type.

Part 2: The Body Center
Part 3: The Heart Center
Part 4: The Head Center

Format: 4 audio downloads; 96 minutes total

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