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Instinctual Subtypes in Life and Relationships

Instinctual Subtypes in Life and Relationships

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By Peter O'Hanrahan

The three instinctual drives include self-preservation, one-to-one/sexual, and social. While all three drives are present in everyone, one tends to be more central in our daily lives and relationships.

This primary instinct determines our Enneagram subtype, which may impact our daily experiences even more than our type. By becoming more awake to your own subtype, you can improve your communication, reduce conflict, and build new bridges with your loved ones.

In this 89-page downloadable guide, subject-matter expert Peter O'Hanrahan describes how the three instinctual drives combined with nine Enneagram types create 27 paths in life. You'll gain insight into each subtype, tools to help you discover your own subtype, and a detailed guide to subtypes in relationships to support your growth.

Format: 89 Page PDF

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