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Awareness Practices and Reflections

Awareness Practices and Reflections

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By The Narrative Enneagram

Working with the Enneagram involves a careful and conscious effort at observing one’s thoughts, feelings and actions in much the same way that “mindfulness” practices aim to increase one’s conscious awareness of the present moment.

By observing where you put your attention and energy, you can gain deeper insights into your automatic, habitual modes of thinking, feeling and acting. As we learn to recognize, soften and relax our automatic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, we experience more freedom

This 21-page PDF includes 5 guided awareness questions and 5 reflections for each of the nine Enneagram types. Perfect to support your own mindfulness practice, serve as journaling prompts you can return to over time, or enhance your work with individual clients or groups.

Format: 21 Page PDF

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