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Relationships Bundle

Relationships Bundle

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Enneagram Types Relationship Matrix
by David Daniels, MD
Format: 51 page PDF download

Instinctual Subtypes in Life and Relationships
by Peter O'Hanrahan
Format: 89 page PDF download

Sexuality, Sensuousness, and the Enneagram
by David Daniels, MD and Rob Levine
Format: 4 audio downloads; 96 minutes total

Gain valuable insights and knowledge on building and maintaining healthy relationships using the Enneagram. In our view, there is no other system as profound and practical in developing more compassionate relationships with others and ourselves.

This comprehensive bundle covers the 45 relationship combinations created by the nine Enneagram types and the six pairings created by the three instinctual drives.

Together, the resources in this bundle provide you with the tools to look deep within yourself and create healthier relationships with your partner, family members, friends, clients, and co-workers.

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